Chi Alpha Psi is a Multi Interest Greek Council (MIGC) co-ed fraternity whose goal is to create a social community of transfer students— for transfer students. As transfers, we only experience UCLA for 2 or 3 years. We have to make the most of our time here. It is tremendously helpful to be surrounded by a group of students who share a similar experience—that is the service that Chi Alpha Psi provides. The fraternity serves as a social and academic foundation, from which transfers can venture forth into the rest of what UCLA has to offer. We provide more than just resources, we provide family. Every brother and sister of Chi Alpha Psi is involved in various activities and other organizations on and off campus. We all get to benefit from each member's unique experience.

We remember the anxiety and the fear; we remember the sleepless nights that come when applying to UCLA. But we also remember the thrill, the pride, the joy, of getting accepted. Our memories are some of the reasons why our service involves reaching out to students in community college. We want to help them transfer to UCLA, just like we did.

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It is sincerely a privilege to lead a chapter of individuals with differing interests and passions united by common values that stem from transferring. I am proud to be a member of Chi Alpha Psi, and am eager to see what this year has in store for us. Feel free to take some time to explore our website and get to know our outstanding community that truly feels like a family. We know how difficult the transition is and understand what you are going through, so feel free to reach out whether you are looking to be more involved on campus, meet new people, or just want to find out more!