For new transfers, UCLA can sometimes feel a bit daunting and overwhelming. Chi Alpha Psi puts you together with students who have been through that initial intimidation and emerged as a strong, tight-knit core. We organize social events, volunteer/community service days, study sessions, and other activities exclusively for our members. We also host a variety of social events, including an all-expenses paid weekend retreat each quarter. Here are some examples of our past events:

Santa Monica beach cleanup

Club night “fundrager"

Tailgating at the UCLA-USC football game

Sunday brunch

Study sessions during midterms and finals

Gaming Arts Festival at Broad Art Museum

Halloween Party

Walk with Love 5k breast cancer fundraiser service

Campus Clean-Up

Reddit Q&A sessions for students applying for transfer to UCLA

Member birthday celebrations

Finally, we make students aware of the many happenings on campus, and around UCLA, and encourage them to branch out and find their own niche within the community.